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Expand the reach of your event with PNVWebcasts.  The days of being required to physically be in a specific location to attend, participate, or even present at an event are long since over.  Webcasting allows your event, previously limited by physical location or geography, to be virtually limitless!

Over the course of planning events, it has happened more than a few times where a speaker, even a keynote speaker, was either late or missed an event entirely due to last minute transportation issues.  Planes were cancelled to due to weather or other issues. Cars get stuck in traffic. With PNVWebcasts, this is no longer an issue for anyone.

Attending an event is also easier thanks to PNVWebcasts.  Companies will no longer have to be concerned with only sending a couple of people  to an event and pay expensive travel costs. Any city, town, or country can now be added to your event.  If you know that you would be missing out on large numbers of people due to travel and expenses, it is now easy enough to extend the event to that location.  Make your event convenient for everyone.

Webcasts are also very green!  Reduce your carbon footprint. Bringing the event to the people reduces the amount of travel and related tasks associated with it, such as the use of water bottles, additional climate controls, such as Air Conditioning.  Webcasting is very environmentally friendly.

We produce webcasts for a variety of events.  Everything from summits to panel discussions, including multi-day conferences and music concerts. P&V has produced educational summits with speakers brought in live from around the world, with both local and international audiences.

From a single camera to multi-camera shoots, we handle full multi-media production. Our webcasts can also feature live chat and social media engagement so your audience can engage with the event in real time from anywhere around the world.

The benefits of PNVWebcasts include:

  • Live Streaming
  • Streaming On-Demand
  • Professional Video Production
  • Broadcast TV Effects
  • One, Two, or Multiple Cameras
  • SD or High-Definition Quality
  • Smartphone or Tablet Viewing
  • Engage with Social Media While Streaming
  • Analytics
  • ROI

Check out the press release on our webcasting capabilities.

Contact us now to find out how to expand the reach of your event with PNVWebcasts. Call P & V Enterprises at 212-534-3052