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Alger Fund

When this top money management fund hosts key customers in a tent that they’ve sponsored at the famed Far Hills Steeplechase Race, they call on P&V to plan and coordinate their event. The event shown here was for 100 guests and our client wanted to be able to network with their clients and not worry about any of the planning or management of their event. First, we liaise with the Race folks in order to be able to follow their guidelines. We put a catering team and décor team together and are on site the day before for preliminary set up. As there is no electricity available on the land where this is held, we arrive before dawn to complete set up that must be complete by 9am. We’re there to manage the catered breakfast and barbecue lunch and make sure our client and their guests have all that they need to have a memorable day. We’re the last to depart after clean up and tear down, just before dark.