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Greeting Card Association

Founded in 1941, the Greeting Card Association is the U.S. trade association serving the greeting card and social expressions industry. It promotes the tradition of sending greeting cards, helps members grow their business through leadership/advocacy on industry issues, and recognizes creativity.

This recognition comes in the form of the annual “LOUIE Awards”.  Since 1988, the greeting card industry has come together each year to celebrate the best the industry has to offer. Hundreds of companies from around the world enter thousands of their best cards for the chance to win the coveted LOUIE Award. The LOUIE Awards cover many categories of greeting cards.  These categories include Birthdays, Wedding Invitations, Thank You cards, Christmas, Mother’s Day and may other areas.

P&V produced the annual “LOUIE Awards” for over 13 years!

When it comes to award presentations, the key word to focus on is “coordination”. An awards show not only includes a lot of scripted presentations, it also includes the multimedia show of lights and cameras being in the right place at the right time.  We also work with the nominees to get professional pictures of the winning products. The winners are showcased on the screens throughout the event.

Rehearsal is Key

More than most types of events, rehearsal is important.  We run through the scripts to make sure that the multimedia aspects of the event are perfectly in sync with what is happening on stage.  The script, production, or staging might have to be adjusted accordingly. We also have to ensure that all of the lighting cues are in place.  We are ready so we  can highlight the tables and people who are being honored as their names are called. Under the direction of P&V crew and management, speakers rehearse their parts with a teleprompter to make sure they are ready to go during the live event.

Why P & V Enterprises?

After all of the rehearsal and coordination, we are confident that our performance at the annual “LOUIE Awards” will be worthy of an award of its own.