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At P & V Enterprises, we feel that any event is good enough to go all out with, however, a successful IPO is really a great reason to throw a party.

CEMEX is one of the world’s largest cement companies and when they had their successful IPO we felt a cement alley in Manhattan was a great place to celebrate!

Pat and Vince went all out of this one completely overseeing and managing every aspect of it.  Event Management is our specialty and there was a lot to manage.

The event had speakers and entertainment.  We had to create the stage and platforms for the speakers and dancers.  We had to run top of the line sound and lights.  We needed sound for speakers and musicians.  And it all had to come together to give them the exciting night that they deserved!

Whether you are having your event in a hotel, a convention center, or in an unusual setting indoors or outside, P & V Enterprises has the event planning know how to solidify your reputation with all, both friends and investors.