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Importance of a Budget

The most important thing to have set when you are first starting your event planning is a proper budget.  We listen to everything you say and from there we come up with a plan. We understand that when you are just sitting and taking notes about the possibilities for your event, things can seem to get extreme in what you want to see and do.  It would be nice to get the New York Philharmonic to play your event, and while it may not be out of the realm of possibility if you have the budget, chances are they are not going to be playing for your corporate event.

Sometimes a Budget is the most important factor

In dealing with some of our corporate clients, budget is always an important factor in figuring out what we can do and how we can give them the event that they not only wanted, but envisioned.

Some of the larger clients are experienced in the area of corporate events, so they have a general idea of how much they are going to have to spend in order to get the event that they want.  On occasion we get a client who wants a huge epic gala event and their budget is a secondary concern. That only happens in the vast minority of cases.

Setting Appropriate Expectations

With our decades of experience in the area of corporate event planning, we understand that a budget is usually a very hard number and they won’t or can’t go over that number by a significant amount.  When we are listening to the requirements and the “nice-to-haves” for an event, those that may not have the experience of dealing with a budget are planning an event on par with a presidential inauguration.  It is part of our job to nicely and politely reel in the expectations based on the numbers they are giving to us.

This does not mean the event can’t be a significant function and event take place at a very high end venue, it just means that you have to be realistic about what you actually plan versus what you would like to see based on the budget you have allocated to the event.

A Budget can be hard if you have nothing to base it on

Quite often when we sit down with a client to discuss their event, they are not able to properly budget for the event because they have nothing to gauge an estimate off of.  We are happy with sit with new and potential clients to discuss the possibilities and options. This will give them a clear picture of what they could expect to spend, then the real planning can start in earnest.

Why P & V Enterprises?

At P & V, we have worked in practically every venue you can think of in the New York Area.  We understand the different requirements and guidelines for each area and we have a great idea of what venues work for your specific event.  Having a clear understanding the environment, we are also able to present different options based on our vast experience. When we start to tie in the venue with the multimedia, webcasting, and registration requirements, we make sure all of these areas work seamlessly with each other and since we have the experience and know how to create and produce all types of events, you will wind up getting more for your money than you originally expected.

Event planning is a juggling act if your act consists of 12 items of different sizes and weights while trying to juggle while sitting on a ball that may or may not be on fire.  

Well, that’s what it may seem like to the outside observer. P & V Enterprises will take your event to the next level of expectation, and most importantly we will keep the event as close to the budget as possible.