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Event Equipment

There is a saying that a workman is only as good as their tools.  It is vital to have the right equipment for the job.  At P & V Enterprises, we have the experience to know what equipment is the best for your event.  From the wires and cables, to lights and sound systems, and computers and projection systems.   You can rest assured that the equipment used for your event will be the best in the business.

We work with all sorts of venues, from hotel conference halls, to auditoriums, conference centers, restaurants and even hospitality tents.  Your event will look, feel and sound even better than you imagined.

The right equipment with the right direction in the right hands turns makes all the difference.  We provide everything from the podium to the projectors.  We set up the video and audio equipment and make sure that it is suited and configured for your specific needs.

Why P&V Enterprises?

At P & V Enterprises, we never forget that your event is about you and your organization.  You want to put your best foot forward and impress your guests with the high quality of your event and presentation.  From a simple slide presentation to a full multimedia show shown locally and broadcast across the country or around the world, our state of the art equipment will bring your event to the next level.

Pat and Vince have over 25 years in the area of event planning.  When it comes to experience and know-how, P & V Enterprises is all you need to make sure you will be working with the best equipment available making your event a huge success.

Event equipment is the central nervous system of your event – as wires, cables, lights, sound systems, computers, and projectors add vision and voice to your presentations.

We’ve put cable access in hospitality tents, installed Internet connections for exhibits, and built scenery and sets for business theater. The right equipment in the right hands – with the right direction – makes all the difference. P&V can provide everything from the podium to the projectors to the video and audio equipment, all arranged to suit the needs for your event.