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Dream Yosacoy Matsuri

The Dream Yosacoy Matsuri (Festival) is based on the Yosakoi dance that started in the Kōchi Prefecture. The festival celebrates postwar reconstruction and has spread throughout Japan. Featuring around 6,000 dancers in about 70 teams, and watched by some 900,000 spectators, it is one of the largest and highest-quality festivals held in Tokyo.

When the organizers of the Dream Yosacoy Matsuri wanted to bring the dancing and celebrations to the United States, it was up to P & V Enterprises to set it all up.

Outdoor Events Require Additional Planning and Permits

Since the Festival was held outdoors in Times Square, there was additional planning involved.  The first thing we had to secure were all the permits. This was necessary to be able to have the festival in the first place.  After that, the planning started in earnest. P & V had to plan out and arrange everything from the audio to the security to be used throughout the day.

Production and coordination were planned down to the minute. This level of planning is necessary due to the number of dancers and teams that would be involved. Our production team also created a promotional video that played on the Times Square Big Screen just under where the iconic New Year’s Eve ball drops.  This promotional video was seen by the millions that passed through Times Square and was featured throughout the festival itself.

Dream Yosacoy Matsuri Outdoes Itself

Not to be outdone, when the organizers for the Dream Yosacoy Matsuri came back the following year, they challenges us to create a whole new festival for them, this time on 6th Avenue, in front of the TIme Life Building, across the street from the landmark Radio City Music Hall!

P & V Knows New York!

We are extremely proud of the work we did to bring this fun and exciting part of the Japanese Culture to New York City!  When it comes to creating a masterpiece of an event that can be a big as all outdoors and involve the most well-known parts of New York City, P & V Enterprises is the company to call.  This is our home and to Pat and Vince nothing is more special than to produce and bring to life an event that New Yorkers will talk about for years to come.