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Jones Lang LaSalle

If we said we did several events for Jones Lang LaSalle, you may shrug it off. If we said we did several events for and at Grand Central Terminal, then you might raise your eyebrows a bit.
We did several events for and in Grand Central Terminal. See that gets people’s attention.

Grand Central Terminal is as iconic as New York City itself. There are plenty of great open spaces in the terminal that allows for so many great and exciting options depending on the type of event we are planning.

We have had the opportunity and pleasure to return to Grand Central Terminal several times. We ran the events for the 90th Anniversary of GCT and we ran the event to announce the launch of the new Grand Central Terminal Website. We have also done a number of multimedia installations as well as other special events, such as the launch of Gina LeVay’s book Sandhogs.

When it comes to working in a venue like Grand Central Terminal, we are dealing with a place that had been renovated and updated several times, but was ultimately a very old building and landmark, so there are always issues and strict rules we have to take into account.

It is always a pleasure to work with the real estate management firm of Jones Lang and LaSalle and it always a thrill to be able to produce, design and manage an event in such a visible and iconic location.

If your event is at an iconic location or around the block, Pat and Vince will make it one for the ages.  Call P & V at 212-534-3052 today.