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Lego Systems, Inc

Have you ever stepped on a Lego with a bare foot? That’s something you won’t soon forget.

Lego is such an iconic brand that has spurred the imaginations of millions of kids and adults alike. Ask any architect where they got their start, and if you go back far enough, they will tell you they got their start with Legos.

The Lego Foundation

The Lego Foundation, along with UNICEF had another initiative to spur the imagination with their new International Educational Initiative.

In early 2015 the LEGO Group, their Foundation and UNICEF announced their shared commitment to improve children’s lives with the launch of a global partnership aimed at promoting quality early learning through play and leaving a positive impact on children via the Children’s Rights and Business Principles.(1)

The event at UNICEF House’s Danny Kay space launched the 3 year initiative designed to improve the lives of children. As an industry leader, Legos respects the rights of kids. Businesses that cater directly to kids should respect their rights just as parents and teacher respect their children.

Lego understands the importance of play that is hands on and interactive. So many kids are denied the opportunity by poor health, improper or under nutrition, and poor learning environments.

Call P & V Enterprises

At P & V Enterprises, we love to have the opportunity to spread our wings and come up with fantastic and creative solutions to the challenges we are presented with. Much like building with Legos, our business allows our imagination to soar.

If you are announcing your own initiative or planning an event, allow our talents and imagination to work for you. We have all of the building blocks to make your event a memorable one as well. Call Pat and Vince today at 212-534-3052.

“I am writing on behalf of the UNICEF team to express utmost gratitude and appreciation for your services during the LEGO Event at UNICEF on Friday 13th March 2015.
You did an outstanding job and everyone (us and including the partners and guests) was pleased.”

-M. Carmelita Francois