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HSBC – 1 Event… 18 Times


HSBC Bank had an annual event called “Celebration of Achievement” where they travel around the country to 18 different places to recognize the great work done by their employees in the United States.  Pat and Vince were brought in to create a travelling show that could be set up, broken down, moved and customized for each event.

HSBC wanted the 18 different events to be the same

event.  That meant that the stage had to be created and adaptable using modular set pieces for use regardless of the venue.  When you have 18 distinct markets and 18 distinct locations, that level of adaptability is an extreme production challenge.

The stage could not have looked like it was changed for the venue.  The same high quality standards that was expected in the 1st city was also expected in the 18th and for every show in between.

With our extremely talented team, we were able to create the modular sets and stages so each location that had the same look and feel without sacrificing quality.  For all 18 shows, we had the same set design, themed décor and, as always, live video projected to the big screen televisions throughout.

Why P&V Enterprises?

P&V Enterprises is in the business of creating sets and stages that meet the vision and expectations of the client.  We do not set limitations on ourselves. When a client is looking for a repeat performance we give then what they want, whether we have to go to 2 cities, 19 cities or every state in the nation.

Call Pat and Vince at P&V Enterprises and see how we can take your show on the road.  Our production staff is second to none. You can bank on it.

Contact us at 212-534-3052 or info@pnventerprises.com


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