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IBM Germany – Tek Sing Auction

IBM Germany contacted Pat and Vince when they wanted to set up an auction whose participants would be at the event and online simultaneously.

The Tek Sing was a large three-masted Chinese ocean going “junk”.  A Junk is a type of Chinese Sailing Ship that is still used to this day.  The Tek Sing, or True Star, sank on February 6th, 1822 in the South China Sea.  When the ship went down, it had 200 crewmen as well as about 1,600 passengers.  The Tek Sing is referred to in modern times as the Titanic of the East.

In May, 1999, the wreck of the Tek Sing was found.  350,000 pieces of the ship’s cargo was recovered in what is considered to be the largest sunken cache of Chinese Porcelain that was ever recovered.

The Tek Sing’s recovered cargo was eventually auctioned off and it is at one of these auctions where P & V Enterprises enters the story.

IBM Germany wanted to create an installation where all of the objects in the auction could be reviewed not only by the guests at the event, but by the people who were joining the auction online.

P & V was up to the task! We handled every aspect of the event from catering the event to providing the internet service for potential buyers to check out the items and participate online.  The layout and display had to easy and attractive for the guests at the same time accessible to the equipment needed for the online aspect of the auction.

P & V Enterprises used ever tool we had in the box.  From event planning to stage design, and internet conferencing, Pat and Vince can handle practically any requirement you have for your event to go off without a hitch.

The salvage and recovery of the items from the Tek Sing is a historically significant event and we are honored to have been a part of it.