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The Run Through

After all of the years we have been creating events, there is little that can happen in an event that can surprise us.  There is also little that can be asked for that would really surprise us.  For so many of our events, the list of details can take up an entire legal pad.  There are also an almost unlimited about of talents and skills required to make sure an event is successful.

Over the years we have worked on festivals and award shows and fund-raisers. We have also worked on fashion shows among a number of different sorts of things.  All of these events have people who are going to be speaking, and lights that need to be managed and video, music, sound, and even stage direction.

These are not things that just happen.  When you have a million details and a hundred moving parts, you need to make sure everyone knows what their part is and what they are expected to do.

If this sounds more like a Broadway show than a corporate event, then you are starting to understand what it takes to be successful.

Rehearsal is Vital

Rehearsal and practice are vital aspects of a production that has any sort of program.  It would be disastrous if we put together all of the fruits of the labor of our talented teams of professionals just to have the production go south because no one knew what order things were supposed to happen in.  If we announce an award, and the people running the lights don’t know who the focus on, it just looks like we were not properly prepared and people will notice.

Taking into account that there are always going to last minute changes and someone is going to spend too much time at the microphone, we have our events scheduled down to the minute.  We know at any given moment who is supposed to be speaking. Our schedule shows what the band in supposed to be playing.  We also know exactly when to notify the kitchen that the food service can be started.  During an event such as a fashion show, every model knows exactly what they are doing and when they are going to do it.  The lighting people know who needs the spotlight.

The Details Make the Event

At the end of the day, a successful event is one where people are all having a great time.  The event is a success when the program of events has gone off without a hitch.  It takes effort to get to that point.

We don’t always have the benefit of having access to the location too far in advance of the start of an event.  As soon as we do, our teams in are in place setting up.  We are constructing stages and platforms, running cables and setting up lights and cameras.  All the while, the program, and even a script, when needed, is sent to everyone involved.  The run through may not include all of the speeches and every little thing that will happen, but we will go over the stage direction and work out whatever issues may come up during the rehearsal.

“No Plan Survives Contact with the Enemy”

There is a saying credited to a 19th century German Field Marshal named Helmuth von Moltke the Elder. It is “No plan survives contact with the enemy”.  This saying can be applied to any live event.  It is the job of P&V to make sure that when our event is running, anything that comes up is immediately, quietly and effectively dealt with to make sure the overall program is not disrupted.

With P & V, You Will Know your Event is Well Planned and Rehearsed

A run through or rehearsal is vital to the success of an event.  So is the ability to think on your feet and have skilled engineers and artisans available to work through any issues that come up in real time.  With P&V you know that you will have the right people in place to get your production ready and to make sure it goes off without a hitch.