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Make Your Event an EVENT!

An event is not just a matter of getting people together for a common purpose.  An event is an EVENT.  By definition, an event is a matter of importance.  Do you want to waste your opportunity and just put people in a room or are you going to use the chance to make an impression on your guests.

Pat and Vince specialize in thinking outside of the box.  The events that we plan at P&V are not the run-of-the-mill gatherings, but something that people will remember for a long time to come.

When it comes down to planning, it is about the theme.  We don’t just mean what color the tablecloths will be, but the overall theme and feel of the event.  Our event for Ferrari was the introduction of the new model 360 Modena to the American market.  This was a true event.  When it comes to Ferrari,  you want to demonstrate the power and elegance of the brand.  It is hard to do that in a hotel conference center, so we made the event a real event!  We brought the press and crowd to the track where we proceeded to custom build a 4-level platform where the press and cameras would be able to see the 360 in action!

When you start to think about your event, you may have ideas of what it should look like.  Without knowing it, if you start with a vision, you are already limiting yourself.  Whether your event will work best in a hotel or a conference center is one issue you may consider, have you considered whether your event will do best in an unconventional setting like a cement Manhattan Alley?  That’s what worked best for the IPO party for Cemex, one of the world’s largest cement companies.  It was a party that no one will soon forget.  In an alley in Manhattan?  Absolutely!

Over the last 25-plus years we have seen it all and we have done most of it.  Even when the setting is a standard auditorium, there are challenges and creative solutions that we can provide.  Do you want to tour around the country having your event in multiple locations?  HSBC wanted to do that.  We had to be flexible to not only solve our clients problem, but to do it in a way that was cost effective. The challenge we had to overcome was not designing 18 different sets.    Having event in 18 different places with 18 different set-ups may seem to be an Everest-sized obstacle, but we created a modular set that was able to accommodate whatever stage we were confronted with.

As we said, event planning is more than just putting people in a room; it is taking the challenges we are provided and coming up with creative solutions to turn an event into an EVENT.

Are you getting ready to plan for next corporate event or conference?  Call Pat and Vince and challenge us, we will rise to the occasion and surpass your vision.  We can be reached at 212-534-3052.  Call us today!