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Communication is the Most Important Part of a Conference

Communication is the most important part of a conference.  You have a lot of details to plan and not all of the plans come through to fruition, often due to no fault of your own.  A speaker might not be able to make the conference, leading to a last minute change of schedule. There might be a technical issue, or even a major issue that causes a room or part of a hotel to be unavailable leading to shuffling around the room assignments.

In the past there was no way to inform people of these changes if they happened at the last minute or even just as the conference was starting. You had to inform people as they showed up.  This would lead to confusion and frustration all causing people to go home complaining that the conference was not organized well. This is not good for future attendance at upcoming events.

We live in a world of instant communications.  We have social media, connected apps, blogs (like this one).  We have text messages, Facebook messages. We have FaceTime and snaps and tweets and all sorts of ways to get in touch with people.  There is no excuse why your registrants cannot be informed of changes to plans or schedules as they happen.

When it comes to changes, especially at the last minute, there is no guarantee that people will not be frustrated. As the conference organizer, it is your job to get in front of these last minutes disasters and work the changes into the conference in a way where it does not look like there were any disruptions. It should seem to your guests that regardless of how big the issue you face, you have planned for it and have it under control.  We all know you can’t possibly plan for every contingency, but you can work through anything with the proper communication channels.

Our PNVRegistration system allows for messages and email to be send to all of your registrants and participants either prior to the event, or even while the event is happening.  Keep everyone in the loop as things change and progress. Even if there are last minutes changes, your guests will appreciate the effort of getting in touch with them to let them know about what has happened.  Proper communication lets people know that they do not have to rush to be where they have to go, or event that they might need to get to their destination a little earlier than expected. These are things that people do not want to hear as they are showing up ready to participate.

Communication is a major part of the planning and registration process.  Through the mobile event app, your guests will be connected to you in ways that were so difficult as to be nearly impossible even only a few years ago.  As technology advances, so does the event and conference planning industry. As more and more ways to communicate are created, the more options we have to integrate into our processes giving our clients a better experience, a better opportunity to learn and set them up for complete success in their current event and all events they are looking to plan in the future.

For more information, contact Pat at: 212-534-3052 or email Pat at pahaesy@pnventerprises.com