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Are you webcasting, streaming events live? Is your webcast producer using drones as yet? Obviously drones won’t be needed for all webcasts, but consider this:

Your conference has a golf tournament. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to share that golfing experience on video and stream it? The use of a video camera equipped drone makes sense here. Your virtual audience will be so jealous that they couldn’t be there! This is a unique opportunity to help sell next year’s conference. Yes, of course, content and learning outcomes are the most important, but many people are combining socializing and networking with their conference experience. In the world of big business, think of how many deals are clinched on the golf course!


What about streaming your event live? If your event is all about promoting your brand, this is one of the best ways to extend the reach of the brand. Streaming your webcast live and on demand can expand your brand seamlessly and increase the ROI on your event.


Creating ROI and ROE For Your Events With An Event App

Consider some of the networking apps to connect attendees before the conference, during and post conference. This is the modern equivalent of going to the country general store and sitting around the potbelly stove to solve the world’s problems!

But, it’s way better as it has far reaching possibilities.

Think about the possibilities with the above and consider using some of these technologies for your next conference.

Reach out to me at pahaesy@pnventerprises.com if you would like more information.