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Webcast StaffFive Tips For Planning  A Successful Event WebCast

Listing five tips sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? We’ve tried to simplify this for you.

A bit of background first: P&V Enterprises has been producing webcasts for clients for about four or five years.  Using our live event experience and technical expertise, we have successfully produced many webcasts and hybrid events. The webcasts are perfect for associations or non-profits as well as corporations who need to reach a nationwide  or even a global audience.

  1.     This is not a DIY project. Hire a trusted event webcast company. There are many apps for webcasting via your Smartphone, but the actual video and audio should be done professionally, just as you would for your face-to-face event.
  2.     Plan, plan, plan with your webcast provider.  Your webcast producer will want to know the show flow, and the event set up, so they can make the best recommendations for the number of cameras, their positions in the room, and for lighting.
  3.     You and your webcasting partner must do a walk through of the venue, and the webcasting folks should test the internet connection. Do a hard-wire test, not just using wi-fi.  Your webcast partner will want to be sure that there is enough upload bandwidth and that your internet connection is dedicated to your event.
  4.     The choice of the CDN (content delivery network) is generally the decision of the webcast producer. You want your virtual audience to be able to view the webcast from their computer at work or home, their tablet or smartphone. Many people view a webcast away from their desktop computer, and the stream needs to be adaptive for the best viewer experience.

5.     Remember that the content that you have created is the bottom line.