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Rio Olympic Rings

   Rio Olympics Rings

The Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony


Just like most of us, I love high production value events. Perhaps it’s because P&V Enterprises has the capability produce such events.

But let’s talk about the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony, which did not have a lot of those elements that we’ve become accustomed to in Olympic Ceremonies and other high end events. Being able to produce something with the latest and greatest technology does not mean that it’s the best fit for the situation. The producers and directors of the Rio Ceremony wanted to use their limited budget to create the most effective event possible and to convey a message.

I felt that the ceremony was appropriate, detailing in video and choreography some of the history of Brazil, including some periods and events that may not have been their proudest moments, such as slavery and the continued poverty in the favelas.

The costumes and dancing were simple, but told the story.

The choice of putting a big part of the budget into a video projection system, I feel, paid off. It helped to tell the story, was effective and the video production was appropriate and quite nicely done

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony? What are your thoughts about it?