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Tips For Creating An Event Shot List


There are many event planners who hire a photographer using a recommendation or two, looking at their portfolios and making the decision. However, there’s a lot more to it than that for you to have photography that is what you want and for it to show your event at its best. Every event has a different purpose and a different look. The photographs should show your event to its best advantage, should include the elements that are important to you and your client. For instance, Client A will want photos of each gala table with everyone seated at it, but another would want a Red Carpet entrance or photos in front of a branded step and repeat.

You must discuss this with your photographer and your client. The photographer, with experience, will know what is not only effective, but a photo or series of photos that are a sure bet to turn out well. Again, though, the photography must be appropriate for the event and what you and your client want to see and remember in a year or more.

  • Get photographer referrals & compare their proposals – does the photographer propose the right number of photographers for your event size? Don’t expect one person to scurry around taking photos of 500 or more people.
  • Discuss with photographer that is selected what she would suggest as the best shots
  • Discuss this with your client
  • Create a shot list that goes from set up, to arrival, to reception, dinner, entertainment, dancing, departure. List every single type of shot that you want
  • Discuss with your client
  • Get your client approval, and give to photographer a week in advance. Giving the photographer the list a week in advance gives her a chance to discuss with you the final list and to be sure that the best photographers for your outcomes are selected for your event from her pool.