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Event Planning Tip of the Week Where to Begin

It’s often difficult to decide exactly where to begin the planning of your event.

Do I find the venue first? Do I create the agenda first? Not really. Let’s make it easier.

Think about the Goals of your organization and the event.

  • Is it to communicate and share information such as a training event? The training could be for sales folks, middle or upper management or procedures at all level.
  • Is it to strategize for new ideas?
  • Is it to celebrate and recognize sales people or other outstanding employees?

Each of these has its unique requirements to consider and will be part of the consideration in venue choice and agenda.

If you’re not sure what the purpose or goal is, brainstorm with others in your company or association. It’s really OK and doesn’t make you look bad. In fact it makes you look even better.

If you have any feedback about this, please comment here or reach out to me at my email, pahaesy@pnventerprises.com.