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Event Planners’ and Managers’ Tip of the Week

As an event or conference planner you are well aware of all the moving parts of an event or conference that result in may tasks and different skill sets. Researching ways to help myself and others conquer all of this, here’s my tip of the week:

This tip is one to implement as soon as your latest event is complete. Write down (can be done yourself or with your team), what went right, what went better than expected, what didn’t work out as you had hoped. What vendors or suppliers did really well and were team players, when vendors or suppliers caused you angst or were simply annoying to work with, which independent contractors came through as expected or even better and lastly, which ones didn’t. Don’t forget to include your venue, catering and décor to your list

A caveat: when you’re beginning the planning for the next event, don’t back down on what you’ve written about this last event. Stick to your guns and stay with what you deemed great and don’t get stuck with what you determined was not so great.