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ChecklistWe see checklists to help meeting and event planners in just about every industry publication. However, how do you decide which checklist is the best? Essentially part one of the answer is , which one seems to address your particular needs and part two, is that they’re useless if you don’t actually focus on the lists and implement them.

Generally, I  glean what I like from several lists, but the hardest part , for me, in the past,has been actually using the list that I’ve compiled. I finally set a goal of focusing on the list. Guess what?! That works!! It feels so good to check off the list, item by item.

I highly recommend this. It’s easy, it’s free and by golly, it works!

Here’s a link to an assortment of checklists from BizBash:http://info.bizbash.com/BizBashChecklist.html