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3 Tips to Help With Risk Managementdominos-toppling-10477445

It’s not just the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Paris, that brings Risk Management to light, but, clearly, there are many other risks to consider as well.

I am referring to more everyday risks that could happen at the conference that you’re planning.


Your Keynote Speaker had a video to show, but either can’t access it on her hard drive or the file is corrupt .


What to do – at least one week prior request that all speakers send your tech team or producer their videos and PowerPoint via one of the Cloud transfer services such as DropBox so it can be checked and tested.


Risk# 2

Several attendees request on site that they have special diet requests due to food allergies.

What to do – your registration form, whether online or on paper should have a place to request such needs.

Risk# 3

A huge snow storm occurs the evening before your opening session. Your Keynote is from out of town and was scheduled to arrive the morning of the opening, but the airports are closed. What to do?

What to do – Contract your speaker to arrive the day before. The cost to for a night at the venue is far less than the disappointment of your attendees and the horrible aggravation and stress that you will have for not delivering the Keynote as promised.