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It's Cold in Here!

It’s Cold in Here

Is the Meeting Room Environment Important to the Success of Your Meeting?

We’re not talking about décor, flowers, and props in this case.

The first thing that comes to mind is those always too cold ballrooms.

Are they too cold to be sure to keep attendees awake? Or does the venue set the thermostat and then forget about it.

When we’re setting up a room, it’s usually very cold as there are only a dozen or so people in there at any time. I believe that the rooms are kept ultra cold, so when the room fills with conference attendees, it won’t be too warm. In reality, the room is less cold.

How about the rest of the environment, though?

Think about lighting for the time that everyone walks into the room. Is it really bright, or is it well lighted, but soft?


Is there “walk in” music playing? Having ”walk in” music subtly portrays a warm welcome to everyone. Without music, believe it or not, the room will feel cold and uninviting subconsciously to your attendees.

What other welcoming items can be considered?

A Welcome PowerPoint presentation that is on a loop is an easy way to welcome everyone. Having candid photos of attendees, photos of speakers, sponsor logos, photos of the city or resort where you are give a friendly feeling to everyone. This does not contain a lot of text. It is just about all photos or graphics. OK, in addition to the name of the conference, one big word. “WELCOME”. Easy. Friendly.

Another welcoming subtly is having good audio for your speakers. It seems pretty dumb to put together a conference with great content, outstanding presenters, and you can’t hear anything. It more than pays for itself to have good sound, so everyone can hear the presentations, the videos, etc.

And one more thought. Have staff or volunteers at critical places throughout and always at the doorways to your meeting rooms, welcoming folks. It’s a little thing and it’s subtle, but it’s also long lasting.

These ideas are not particularly brilliant, but sometimes we forget about them as we get busy with finding sponsors, marketing the conference, worrying about attrition, etc., etc. However, the warm friendly environment is essential.

Do you have questions? Can we help you with your conference or event?

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