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Why does the event planner need to pay for:

1.Backup audio visual equipment

2. Minimum of 4 hours for an audio visual technician

3. Minimum of 4 hours for a musician or entertainment group

I do understand and empathize with all event planners, as, like most of us have meetings that are planned are on a tight budget.

However, here are some of the reasons for the above:



Let’s start with 1. Although we assume that every piece of equipment, cables, connectors, etc. has been checked to be sure everything is in proper working order, stuff happens. Therefore, it’s always wise to have back up. After all we want to be sure everyone can hear and can see and that thoughtfully created presentation can be projected, and thus seen. Isn’t that why you’re having the event in the first place?

Continuing on with 2. sure the entire session is 2 hours. However, the technician is there much earlier to possibly help set up and test and will be there post session to help strike. This adds up to more than 4 hours. The other scenario is that this particular technician has nothing to do with set up and strike but is there for a tech rehearsal (essential) and the 2-hour session. He may there just 3 hours. However, it’s unlikely that he will have any other job that day, which, if he were earning only 3 hours worth of pay, would not be fair at all. We may have caused him to turn down another job that is a 6 or more hour job with greater earning potential. Sound fair?

Webcasting pic3

Lastly, let’s consider 3-.you need a guitarist or a jazz trio for a one hour reception. Consider this, however. The musician must travel with instrument(s) round trip to your event and be there on time to set up, tune up, etc. Then he performs for one hour, packs up and leaves. He’s probably spent 2 or more hours at your event, plus almost 2 more hours traveling. The musician has a similar problem as noted in Example B.

The bottom line is you want everything to be done professionally and flawlessly for your event. Thus, you really need to understand the above.