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  1. Decide on your goal…what do you want to accomplish? Are you looking to expand your database? Sell your product or service? Thank your clients? Each of these goals suggests a different type of venue and event.
  2. Set a date…. Check that it doesn’t interfere with any other events that might be of interest to your guests. Check that there is no major sporting event on the same day.
  3. What is the scope of your event? If you are thanking your B2B clients, perhaps a dinner at a local restaurant would be a good idea. If you’re trying to sell product at the event, then you own retail store would be appropriate. If you’re an online merchant, maybe an interesting event venue would be a good idea. Trying to grow your database, then maybe an outdoor event is a good idea.
  4. Select your venue based on your answers to the precious tips. Along with this you must think about how many people will attend, what sort of equipment that you’lll need to rent or buy. Will your event be a seated dinner, a buffet, or passed Hors d’0euvvres? What type of bar? Full bar? Premium bar? Wine & Beer? What staffing will you need?
  5. Finally you can determine your budget. As you’re planning, this event you can scale back in the planning stage if you see that the budget is getting higher than you wish
  6. This is the time to do this, not after you’ve put things in place.
  7. Now it’s time to promote your event to your list of invitees. It’s also OK to remind them about it a few times prior to the event. People tend to wait to respond to invitations. An entire psychology course could be created about this phenomenon.
  8. Remember that you may be responsible for some of the end of event tear down or clean up.
  9. Prior to the event go over every detail with employees who are helping you, out-sourced staff, vendors. No detail is too small.
  • Based on 1-9. Create your timeline to be sure that you are meeting your planning benchmarks.

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