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These are happy members!

These Folks Ae Happy!!

Smaller nonprofits want to and need to host an event or possibly a small conference, but don’t do this as they state they have no money and their membership has decreased. It does sound plausible, but is it?

What should one do, then with fewer members, no budget or barely any budget? When is the last time that your group made its members feel appreciated?

Let’s think through the idea of holding a member appreciation event for a start.

It is very important to show every member of the group, how much you appreciate their membership and involvement. This gives great ROI in that members and non members alike, will feel more positive about spending their hard earned money or their company budget allocation on membership dues for your association. There are so many competing groups that you need to be ahead of the curve in membership relations.

This really is the same as in any business: good customer service. After all, don’t you return to a store where you were treated well rather than the store with unresponsive personnel? Don’t you want to be at a store with an appealing merchandising layout rather than a hodgepodge?

Many stores have events to promote certain products and may even offer free snacks and a fashion show!

What is the analogy here? It’s really quite simple. Offer members and nonmembers a pleasant experience, make it easy to attend your meetings, make it easy to become a member. When someone joins or renews, reach out to them, both by email and a short phone call.Wall Projections3

Plan a new member reception. It needn’t be an expensive cocktail party, but it could be a small coffee and snack in the morning or late afternoon. Have a special recognition at one or two meetings a year, where new members come to the front of the room and are introduced. Give each a small inexpensive memento. a

Then, cap this off, with a networking reception in a fun venue. Look at smaller restaurants with a private room. Your membership will love the opportunity to informally network and feel special. Include a short welcome program and perhaps show a PowerPoint of photos from the past few months of your meetings. This could also be a good time to recognize members who have contributed above and beyond.

Careful planning can result in a memorable event, member loyalty and a profit.

If your non profit is one chapter of many, stream your meetings live and on demand to share with other chapters. Give non members a one time free access to watch the stream of your meeting, Give your members free access as well. To monetize this, consider a sponsorship program that includes the streaming.


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To recap:

  1. Plan a member appreciation event
  2. Plan a new member reception
  3. Plan a networking reception in a fun venue that includes a welcome program and perhaps show a PowerPoint of photos from the past few months
  4. Plan to stream your meetings live and on demand

Let’s start a conversation: info@pnventerprises.com or 212-534-3052. Ask for Pat