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Tips For A Successful Webinar


A Webinar can be an excellent method for training whether it’s for a corporation or association. It’s also an excellent way for consultants, entrepreneurs, small businesses and thought leaders to teach, promote and “spread the word”. There are many webinar platforms from which to choose. However, success, could depend upon using some of my tips, which are based on my live event management experiences that leverages technology.

However, to do this and make the right impression both the speaker, the visuals and the technology must be flawless.

Tips if you are the speaker:

  • Create a script
  • Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse to avoid those “ums, uhs, and you knows”.
  • Do not use your computer’s microphone.
  • Have a very good microphone/headset
  • Learn how to use the volume setting, the on-off setting, the mute and unmute settings. Practice this.
  • Unless you can chew and walk at the same time, don’t run the webinar platform technology yourself. Yes, it sounds simple to do, but with many moving parts, including your mouth, why take a chance on messing up and losing credibility.

Tips if you are managing the webinar technology:

  • Read and re-read the User Guide.
  • Try the various bells and whistles that you would use a week or two prior to the live webinar. Be sure that what you think works, actually does.
  • Rehearse with your speaker 5-7 days prior to the live webinar. This is the time to make sure that you know what the speaker agenda is and the speaker understands how the platform is being used.
  • If you are controlling the slides, make an agreement with the speaker that he/she will include in the script the introduction or Segway to the next slide. without saying “next slide”, which is deadly. For example the speaker could say “moving on…..” or “this illustrates……”
  • Be sure to know how many can access the live webinar. Some platforms have restrictions.

The above tips are pretty straight forward, but if you would like to know more, contact me directly. We can talk about audio, video, presentation formats, etc.