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Pre-Event Zen

Every event planner in the world has had the pre-event jitters, as it is easy to let anxiety and anticipation slowly creep into our psyche before the big show. This isn’t uncommon, as most event planners put a great deal of time and energy into their events. A great event becomes part of you and much like a child you hope for it to succeed and flourish.

However, there are ways to stay cool, calm, and collected before any big event. Remember that nervous energy is okay, as it shows that you are truly passionate about the success of your event. It is essential to not let anxiety and stress overwhelm you, as you have a job to do. Actually, you probably have a thousand jobs to do, so staying present and in the moment is essential.

You have secured an awesome speaker, the caterer is on time, and the venue you picked is awesome. Now it’s time to find your zone and make sure that you are firing on all cylinders. As anyone who has been in high stress situation can tell you, you will perform better under fire if you can stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. Developing routines to help you stay cool and calm before an event will be hugely beneficial. So, try following these steps, to fin your pre-event Zen in even the most stressful situations.

Stay Hydrated-

The day of your big event is often chaotic and it can be easy to get sucked into the chaos and not drink water. However, staying hydrated is essential, as it will help you reduce stress and also give you sustained energy throughout the day. Water is so beneficial it even makes your skin look amazing, and who doesn’t want to glow when they are rubbing elbows with big wigs? Event planners are often fatigued by the time their event kicks off, and it can be easy to reach for something caffeinated. While caffeine in moderate amounts can be beneficial, sugary drinks will just lead to big crashes. If you are a coffee drinker make sure to keep it to only one or two cups of coffee and make sure to supplement it with plenty of water so you don’t suffer from the negative results of dehydration.

Focus On Your Breath-

A lot of people envision monks in orange robes when they think of meditation, but most meditations, like mindfulness, are really just bringing awareness and attention to your breath, which can be hugely beneficial on event day. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed by stress bring awareness to your breathing for a few moments. Feel your chest rise as you breath in and lower as you breath out, and also pay attention to tightness in your stomach, as we tend to clinch our abdomens when we are stressed out. If you feel your stomach is tight, take a moment and just relax. This will help alleviate stress and anxiety and be a quick reminder to stay calm, even when the heat is on.

Eat Well-

Make sure to pay attention to your diet on event day and at least two or three days before the event, eating healthy and maintaining a positive diet will allow for sustained energy. It can seem like an inconvenience to regulate what you are eating when you are in the midst of all the pre-event action, but if you say no to the donut and eat some lean protein and greens, you will be a much happier camper when 5pm rolls around and you are still feeling motivated and energized. Stay away from foods high in sugar and those dreaded empty calories, as they will do more harm then good, even if they do taste amazing.


It’s your big day; stay limber! Even if you aren’t a yogi, it doesn’t mean you can’t move your body and get energy flowing to stay clam and full of energy all day long. Set your alarm ten minutes early and start your day with some light stretching, as this will not only enable your body to have sustained energy, but it will also help you set your intentions for the day. Try some sun salutations or go for a brief jog, as it can make all the difference in whether or not you are a smooth operator or a nervous wreck on event day.

Try these steps to maintain your cool, and as always, make sure your event is a smashing success by using Orate to book your next event speaker.

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