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We know that the cheapest event planning service is not necessarily the best. But, how do you determine the best?

Is an event planner considered the best because he receives a ton of publicity?
Is he the best because he produces or manages an enormous number of events?
Is the event planning company the best because of the prestige of their clients?

The answer is a Yes and also No.

Just because someone knows how to generate great PR, doesn’t actually reflect on the quality of his or her services. Nor do producing hundreds of events per year or having produced an event or two for some prestigious names.

What, I feel, is the best, is the planning or management company that listens to you and what you are trying to achieve. They will listen to you when you explain your budgeting concerns.

A good sign is if the firm, whether large or small seem to “get it” after meeting with you.

Another guide is that you will have one primary person with whom to work and that the person is the lead planner, producer or manager. It’s best not to be handed off to a low level employee.