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Have you ever received an email with a personal salutation, that begins like this?

”Thank you for visiting our booth at The XYZ Show last month.”



That’s an email that I’ll delete rather quickly.

When I attend a tradeshow I am selective about which exhibitors that I visit. I prefer to visit exhibitors that have a product or service that I either have used, do use or might use in the future. I also like to chat with exhibitors to learn something new. It’s also a great way for me to begin a relationship so when the time comes, my company is not a complete stranger.

Why do exhibitors send out emails and sometimes catalogs to everyone that was registered? It seems odd to me, so I have no answer.

However, if I were exhibiting, I would use a lead retrieval system, either one that is rented from the tradeshow company or an app on my iPhone. Then I would have real leads with whom to follow up.

Makes sense, doesn’t’ it!