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One Meeting-Two Ways to Distribute Information

Of course, content is always king.

With that said, assuming that your conference or seminar has excellent content of interest to your group, we’ll go to the next step: A Hybrid Event.

Think about your successful conferences. Good attendance, good feedback. But why not have more?

A Hybrid event allows you to produce one conference, but with a bit of extra planning, to expand your audience.

If your company holds annual or semi-annual sales meetings, a percentage of your sales force either won’t qualify for the meeting or simply are unable to take the time away from family to attend.   If those people could attend virtually, they would reap most of the benefits of the live meeting.

What if your association members come from all over the USA or possibly globally? A good percentage may not be able to attend for a variety of reasons and because of that may not feel that they’re really part of the organization. How to make those folks feel that they are part of the group? Webcast your conference and make it interactive. The ROI that you achieve will surprise you.