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Would Selfies fit into a corporate or association conference? Maybe!

Although the Selfie has been way overdone, the idea would fit into certain corporate or association conferences.

Years ago, many multi day conferences ended with a Final Night Farewell Gala. Most of the time as the event technical producers, we would produce a “Candids Module” to be shown as a loop during dinner. These Candids Modules were a huge hit. You would hear people exclaim, “Look, there’s Joe by the pool!” Or “ There’s Sam and John on the golf course!” Then, “ “Peggy and Harry’s presentation was great. Look at the attention of the audience!”

These modules were a huge payoff for spending a few days together, learning and playing. We would have 2 or 3 photographers tag along on the various group events and check in at the sessions. The photos would be quickly edited the afternoon of the Farewell Dinner and turned into the Candids Module.

But, why not have attendees take Selfies during the conference and activities as well.? Then have them email the Selfies to the Video Editor/Producer to edit into a final Candids Module. Of course Selfies are not just one person. Often they’re Group Selfies. You could have a lot of fun with this idea. Remember, almost everyone has a Smart Phone with a camera and almost all would want to submit a Selfie or two. Obviously, though, inappropriate Selfies would be weeded out.

One caveat, however. Don’t ever rely on Selfies alone. It’s advisable to have a professional photographer or two along to shoot the big group photos and to make sure all the necessary elements are included. This will also assure that you have enough photos that are good quality for the module as well as the company archive.

IF you’d like more information or tips on producing this, please email us at info@pnventerprises.com.