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 Event Growth  

Is Your Conference and Events Growth Positive or Negative?

When my kids were little, I had a place where they would stand and be measured a couple of times a year. It started with my oldest when he was just 2’10” tall. Then in high school, 5’ 10”! Every year, there was incremental growth of all three children.

How does this relate to this event production blog? Simple. Are your events stagnating, declining or growing in attendance,? Hopefully it’s the latter. Kids are pretty easy to feed, nourish and grow and meetings and events can be as well.

There are many ways to maintain and nourish your attendance size and even grow it. All of these are continuous engagement. Just as you don’t feed a child once or twice a year, you don’t or shouldn’t feed your stakeholders once or twice a year.

A reminder, of course, is not to overfeed, for just as kids will get an upset stomach, over kill in communication will do the same to your audience and  turn everyone off.

  • Social Media – done professionally, targeted, regularly and often
  • Webcasting – both live and on demand
  • Emails- Targeted and scheduled and on a regular basis
  • Blogs – well written, interesting and valuable content on a regular basis
  • Graphics, Photos – my dad always told me that a picture is worth a thousand words.