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Waiting to EatWhen your lunch or gala dinner has a plated salad or appetizer, pre-set, do you notice that most people are hesitant to begin eating for fear of being impolite?

Frankly, this should not happen, ever! Here are some ways to avoid that awkward moment:

  • Emcee, Host or Voiceover person announces, “please enjoy your meal” or something similar.
  • If appropriate a benediction is given.
  • Short entertainment piece
  • A visual projection reading “Please enjoy your meal”

There never should be that awkward time, or should it be followed by a member of the committee coming to the stage and making the announcement to begin eating. All you will hear is a lot of clanking of forks as a result and an even more awkward moment.

Good savvy event planning. The solution is so simple isn’t it!