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If you watched or attempted to watch the Apple Webcast you were probably disappointed as the broadcast would either freeze or cut out entirely. Biz Bash published an interview with various tech luminaries that had some excellent insights..  http://ow.ly/BzBHu

The team here at P&V Enterprises consists of techies, creative and production people.  We have this blend as that’s who we are, but we also feel that this is an important component in producing successful webcasts.  We need to understand the production of a live event as well as the technology of webcasting. Although they are separate disciplines they need to be well coordinated for success.

The team discussed the Apple Webcast and had some additional thoughts about the cause of the problems.

  1. Make sure the people you use to produce every part of your webcast have the knowledge and experience in the specific task they’re doing, and not somebody from a different discipline learning on the fly
  2. Don’t throw elements in at the last minute without testing on the network.
  3. See #2.
  4. No, seriously, see #2.