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Run Away From the Bargain, Event Planner, Not Towards Him

Run Away From the Bargain Event Planner, Not Towards Him

10 Reasons Why Looking For The Least Expensive Meeting


Event Planning Services Is Not A Good Option

  1. They don’t make a planning timeline & share with you,  Ask for a sample planning timeline
  2. They don’t make a risk assessment.  Will they sit down with you to do a SWOT Analysis?
  3. They don’t have contingency plans? Ask for them.  Stuff happens and one needs to be prepared
  4. They don’t keep a written record of any changes or updates. Will they mail you confirmation of changes?
  5. They don’t make a detailed event timeline and share with all parties. It is very important to share this with you, the venue and all vendors.
  6. They don’t conduct a walk-through with you & all vendors prior to the event. Ask how far pre event that they usually do this? Insist on a walk-through.
  7. They won’t have enough staff on site for your event There is much more that should be considered. but this is a start. Ask how they organize the staff on site? How many check in people per 100 people?  If there is a program, is there a stage manager or a staff person assigned to assure the flow of the program?
  8. They aren’t organized. Look at the way they communicate with you. Do they seem scattered?
  9. They won’t return your calls or emails in a timely manner. Look at their communication with you. If communication is not good now, it certainly won’t be any better during the  production period.
  10. They don’t have a website and their email is not addressed to their company domain is a clue that they lack professionalism. Even a simple website gives some credibility that the person is truly in business. If they can’t have a domain name email that is another sign of not being very business like.
Grand Bargain Event Planning

Grand Bargain Event Planning

If you have questions about the above or would like to  have P&V Enterprises help with your event, please contact:

Pat Ahaesy, CMP, CSEP at pahaesy@pnventerprises.com