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Most of us in the event planning and management world receive RFPs from companies,institutions and not for profits to manage all or part of their conferences or events. However, there is a an understanding of best practices that seems to be non existent. We all want to build good relationships with our clients and I assume that they wish to do the same.

Some suggestions during the RFP process:

  • respond within a day to a query from the proposer
  • let your RFP recipients know when you need the proposal
  • and (also very important), when you will make a decision.

If you, the buyer and future partner,  likes everything that is being proposed except for the price, talk with that company representative and see what can be worked out. Conversely, if the price is great, but some of the ideas are not exactly what you envision, talk the the proposer about this, too. No doubt, they would be happy to make some changes to meet your vision. It’s really all about being considerate of one another and communicating well. This means responding to emails or phone calls and be open and honest about your vision, budget and needs. It’s very difficult, no, impossible to present a satisfactory proposal without good communication.

Think about this and if you would like to comment please do. You could also email Pat Ahaesy, CMP, CSEP at pahaesy@pnventerprises.com