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Recently, we decided to go to a favorite part of New York City that we don’t get to as often as we like. It’s called “Alphabet City” and it’s East of the East Village. Yes, the North-South streets are Avenues A, B and C.

Walking around there is so different from the part of New York City that I live in, it’s almost like visiting another country. The restaurants are tiny and very low key, simply decorated. The food is wonderful. One restaurant that we’d been to previously was full so we wondered more and had delicious lobster bisque and perfect lobster rolls in Jules , a very tiny place.

There are so many interesting places to eat there, from the little lobster place to an Argentenian mixed in with Thai, middle eastern, vegetarian, organic, Italian and various types of fusion.

So….. why am I writing about my venture to another neighborhood? I’m supposed to be writing about professional  event production. Quite often, you’ll note that I don’t always write about production, but observation and opinion. This is a bit of observation and a bit of  technical event production.

It seems that many of us get stuck in our own zipcode when it comes to planning and producing events and meetings.

We need to venture out of our own zip code, aka comfort zone and observe different ways of doing things and other approaches.  Do you get out of your zip code?