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Some Metrics From Your Live Streamed Event That You Can’t Get From The Face To Face Event.

This tidbit was on Meetings Net and it is definitely worth sharing. MY comments are included.

4 Metrics You Need to Track During Your Next Virtual Event

Attendee Behavior Patterns – you can tell how long they are logged on to a session. You certainly can’t tell how long a face-to-face attendee is either paying attention or is actually in the room.

Attendee Engagement

What was and wasn’t effective– determine this by the previous analytic

Prospective Clients– if it’s sales leads you’re after, you will know who signed up and who attended the streamed event.

Gauge Attendee Experience

Surveys– The survey for face-to-face and for the virtual audience will have some similarities and some differences as the experiences are different, but you will be able to understand the level of engagement and user experience

Don’t get discouraged by attendee rates

It has been found that 40—50 % of people who register for the virtual event end up going to the face-to-face the next time.