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AV Costs and Your Meeting Objectives

Quite often we see requests on various meeting planner groups for an AV RFP. Frankly, every meeting has different AV needs, so one size does not fit all!

We often receive a request that explains that the client needs us to stage and video record and webcast a very high profile event. However, they don’t know what the budget is. I can understand if it’s a one off for the very first time, but somehow there must be some mandate from the top regarding a ballpark budget. A planner really should have a budget range to work with before contacting vendors.

The other scenario is being sent an RFP with specific equipment needs which possibly is lifted from the previous year’s conference or, believe it or not, from another vendor’s proposal!  We finally have learned to turn these down as the potential client,  9 times out of 10 has no intention of contracting with anyone but their usual company. Creating a technical proposal from a good technical production company like ours takes time as it’s important to creatively leverage the technology, to assure a successful and seamless event at a reasonable price point and not just bring in a lot of equipment.

Rather than having an RFP asking for specific equipment a meeting or conference planner might consider talking or emailing your potential AV production partner explaining what your meeting is about and what you are trying to accomplish and at least a ball park budget. This method will actually save you a lot of time and enable you to develop a relationship along the way with an audiovisual or technical production partner.  Using this simple method of partnership and discussion you will be able to achieve what you want and need and the partner company will be able to do the job really well for you: Your vision/Your budget.

The operative work here is partner. The outcome will be far better than thinking of the company as just another vendor. We all want success. Your audiovisual or technical partner’s success is dependent on the success of your conference or event.

Do you have questions? Would you like to discuss this? Have a project query? Either use the comments area below or email us at info@pnventerprises.com. Happy to have a conversation with no obligation on your part.



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