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5 Tips For Planning A Successful Event

Whether you’re planning a major fund-raising gala, a networking event, a trade show, a store opening, or an anniversary party there are some things that should be done to assure that your are successful.

1- Have a Clear Objective a. What is the goal of the fund-raising gala? A specific dollar amount? Recognition of the cause? Recognizing people?

2- Determine Your Desired Audience

3- Determine The Type of Event a. Theme b. Seated Dinner, Reception, c. Entertainment

4- Budget a. The budget should be a range that is within reason, but so you can adjust

5- Venue a. Depends upon numbers 1-4,

There is a lot more, of course, but with the 5 tips you can now flesh out a plan. Whether you’re planning a party for 10, a gala for 500 or a trade show with 100 exhibits, the above should help.

Lastly, put together a team of people who you trust and respect.. As a client recently wrote to us, “It takes a village”.