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We are surrounded by and use technology everyday. So, why are so many people afraid of it?

Leverage technology, rather than avoid it.

If an association or is small and therefore has a small budget, what often happens is that the small staff does far more work than it needs to using very little technology.

You want your association to grow, but using old methods of communication, membership information and outreach, etc. will not help growth or retention.

Finding out about new technology is important. It doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to learn to write code or build a computer system. What it does mean, is, that one should learn about what technology is out there and how it can help your association.

Every group has a different need in the technology that it selects. There are many database platforms, for instance, that help organize your membership and your association’s events. Learning about the different types of products and related costs will help you determine which to select for your needs and do so, wisely