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Why Should You Hire A Professional Event Planner?

Good question as many of you wonder about this. Just curious, though, do you everything yourself?

Here’s a short list of reasons why you should hire a professional event planner:

A professional event planner

  • has extensive knowledge on everything that you’ll need. After all, this is what they do!
  •  can save you a lot of time. Don’t you have enough to do with your own job or running your own company or department?
  •  can save you money. A professional event planner knows what and where to negotiate so you aren’t just getting something cheaper. You’re also getting the right equipment, venue food, staff, etc..
  • will offer other ideas. The professional planner’s mind is full of creative ideas. Very often a good planner will suggest a different idea that could have more impact at the event and either not cost any more than your idea and possibly save your money at the same time.
  • will pay attention to every detail. This is so important. For example, I recently heard about an event that was to be held, and about 3 days prior to the event, the person planning (not a professional) found out that the venue was no longer available. Why? Not only did they not ever pay a deposit, but they never signed a contract. It was all based on a conversation. It’s difficult to believe, but true. Another little story is the group that decided to plan everything themselves and never paid attention to the number of people who had responded to their invitation. Yes, they were overbooked by 30%!! Good response is great, but not if you’re not paying attention to details or have the knowledge of all the things that must be taken care of. A professional planner can set up professional registration for you so you’ll always be in the know. Your deposit and final payment dates will be taken care of, your head count will be counted correctly and given to your caterer or venue.

There are more tales that I’ve heard, but if you don’t want these things to happen to you and your event, hire a professional. After all, don’t people and companies hire you for your professional background and experience?

Comment here if you have feedback or a story to share. Or contact us directly if you would like our help.