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Some Last Minute Holiday Party Ideas for The Non-Party Planner

Your holiday party is scheduled, but you haven’t finalized everything. Ooops!!
Hopefully your venue is in place.

The following list may help you with some last minute, easy to do party ideas.

• Create a holiday play list on your iPod, iPad and play it via a Bluetooth Speaker
o Or, connect to one of Pandora’s holiday stations. Of course, you will need an Internet connection for this. Use that Bluetooth Speaker again.
• Some of your best friends or colleagues can’t be there? Have them Skype you to say, “hello”.

Easy and sustainable decorations are the best

• Place votive (using flameless is safe and easy) on a glass or silver platter. Surround the votive with cranberries. A couple of bags should do it.
• Find various tall glass containers. Put marbles or pebbles (like the ones that you see at florists) at the bottom and then fill with fresh fruit like apples and pears. Lemons and limes work, too.
• Take another tall container, fill with water and place a floating candle in it. This look is so simple and festive. You could color the water with vegetable coloring to add to the holiday look.

Whatever you do, make a list of what you need, a list of what you need to do and the timing of each task, i.e., a timeline
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