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To Outsource All Or Part of Your Event Or Not To Outsource, That Is The Question

Yes, I’ve not only plagiarized Shakespeare, but I modified his words. However, I can’t think of a better way than Shakespeare to make my case.

Recently, I’ve met several people who work for several wonderful non profits. Each of these raises money for a worthwhile cause and the folks that I’ve met work darn hard. Some are Executive Directors, others are Development folks, and others are various types of administrators.

One would think that they have enough to do in their titled job, yet they are planning annual events and often many other events too. These include charity walks, tradeshows, one day conferences and galas.

These people outsource entertainment, catering, and usually, décor, although some attempt to create décor with their committee.

My query is, why not outsource all of the planning from the get go, through execution. Doing this, I believe, would free up those people to do their own job efficiently and perhaps raise even more money as well as being able to be a true host and meet and greet guests at the event rather than supervising.