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Studies have shown that Event Planners and Meeting Planners are very high stress jobs Admit it. Meeting and Event Planning can be stressful with all the pieces that must
be in place and fit together. The following are Three Simple Ideas to Relieve Stress When Planning An Event:

Here are some simple stress relievers:

1- Stop whatever you‘re doing, stand or sit up straight, close your eyes. Breath in through your nose counting slowly to 5. Hold that breath for another count of 5, breathe out for a count of 5. Rest for 5. Start over. Do this 10 times. You will be amazed how relaxed and revitalized you will feel.

2- While standing, put your arms straight up stretching as high as you can. Then bring the finger tips together, while maintaining that high stretch. Look forward for the count of 10. Then turn your head all the way to the right so you’re basically staring at your arm and hold that for the count of ten. The roll your head back for another count of ten and then to the left for a count of town. Finally face forward and bend your head down so you feel the lengthening in your neck. Hold this for a ten count. Repeat this 10 times.

3- Lie down on the floor. No one will notice you under your desk, will they? Hands at your sides, legs straight out. Close your eyes and stay like this for at least one minute and up to 5 minutes if you can. Remember to breathe deeply.

You should feel pretty good after just one of the above, but fabulous after all three.
*Another stress reliever is not to procrastinate so your tasks don’t pile up.
*The best stress reliever? Contact P&V Enterprises to help you with your meeting or event.