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Whether your company is large, medium or small, you should find a way to show that you appreciate your clients, employees, independent contractors, suppliers, friends.

This can be done in many many ways. One, of course, is the big bash. However, not everyone can or needs to do quite that.

If you have the title of Owner, Manager, President and the job falls to you, then please request my Holiday Party Planning Checklist you are an event or meeting planner, no doubt you are right on track. However, you might want the checklist, simply as a back up

The following is a quote from the well-known arbiter of events, “BizBash”

“When the recession was in full swing back in December 2008, companies across the board were scaling back on holiday events in light of economic constraints—or cancelling them altogether, deeming the celebrations either needlessly extravagant or highly inappropriate in the wake of layoffs.

But, last year it seemed that the corporate holiday party scene was returning to normal: A study conducted by executive search firm Battalia Winston reported that 91 percent of companies polled had a Christmas party, the highest percentage in the past six years, while a poll by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 72 percent of respondents attended a company celebration, up from 68 percent in 2011 and 61 percent in 2010 and 2009.

Industry pros across the country echo the sentiment that corporate holiday party bookings and budgets are on an upswing, reporting that some companies are even once again investing in multiple events and big-name headliners.”

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