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British Royals Use Twitter to Control Media Frenzy Over Kate’s Baby

This headline and the accompanying article made me think about Twitter usage and Corporate Meetings and Events.

In the past lots of direct mail would be found in your post office box or mailbox at home or office announcing “save the dates”  “register early”, “register now” “register before it’s too late”, “Hear the Best Keynote Ever”, etc., etc.

Today, we rarely if ever receive this in hard copy. 99.9% of conference and event invitations and information arrive via email or via a Facebook or other social media invitation source.

Of course, we’re not trying to eliminate media frenzy, but we are trying to create attendee interest.

The article link http://ht.ly/nf8Rr is quite interesting.

Bowing or curtsying, in this case, to tradition, the announcement was also done as it’s been done for centuries. A gentleman in a uniform that looked like it dated back to the 19th century, made the announcement just outside of the hospital where the new heir was born. He did it in a Town Crier style. There was also a courier of sorts that came out of the hospital and tuned over an envelope to a person in contemporary uniform who was a passenger in a chauffer driven vehicle. That vehicle than transported the person to Buckingham Palace, where the contents containing the birth announcement was placed on a special easel for all to see.

It’s rather interesting to me, that the British Royalty has worked to maintain tradition and embrace modern technology and social media.

Are  corporate and association meetings and events successfully doing this? Is it necessary to have both? Is it a good way to make a gradual transition? Or should you change over “cold turkey”?