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Earlier this week, I received an emergency weather message on my smartphone. The sound that emitted was very high  pitched and quite loud. It seemed to be the same tone as the one used for emergency testing on television. It warned me of torrential rain and possible flooding about 2 hours from that moment.  Another New Yorker received the same message. Later that day, I spoke with a Phoenix resident who told me that she had one the day before warning about in impending dust storm. Another person told me that she received one of these as there were very high winds and traffic was a problem. As a meeting or event planner do you feel that this is useful for you to make a contingency plan? Is it useful to attendees?  Would you want to go a step further and then issue a group text message to your attendees?

If you’re already on site preparing for your meeting or event, it does seem that this could be quite useful.  We know about most weather forecasts in advance, but it does seem that some out of the ordinary weather crops up quickly in spite of all of the meteorologists reports.

We all look at risk management, good planning and back up plans don’t we? Is this a useful tool for planners?

I think it is.

Anytime that we can assure safety of our participants and a positive experience we would be grateful for this.