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When and How To Outsource Meeting and Events Help – 10 Tips

Recently I read a post from someone who is a one person meetings and events department for a corporation. She listed everything that she does and after many years of doing this she is very tired.seems that each time she was asked to do something she always said “yes”. Can you relate to that? Probably many can.


 Here’s the problem that I see. Most of us want to keep our job and are afraid to say know to our boss for fear that we’ll be replaced or thought of in a bad light. Those thoughts are based on insecurity.

Let’s say, that you’ve been the solo planner for the annual meeting plus 4 other area events. You’ve created the online registration page, managed the responses, printed the name badges and stuffed them, made table assignments for the gala dinner, created the art for the signs and sent off to be printed, selected the food and beverage, confirmed speakers and their needs, etc., etc.


Each of the above takes time as well as an understanding of the need and results desired. Clearly most meeting or event planners can do each, but to do them all for on meeting? That’s crazy!

1-    You should take on the managerial tasks

2-    Know the objectives of your meeting or event

3-    Create a Timeline

4-    Create a plan, like an organization chart with your as manager

5-    Create a budget for the outsourced planners

6-    Present this to your management

7-    On a project basis, hire planners to take charge of planning  tasks

8-    On a project basis, hire planners to take charge of some tasks on site

9-    Find the planners through referrals from other planners

10-  Hold a post – conference with all of your outsourced planners to determine the pluses and minuses. This will also enable you to see who you so and don’t want to invite back for your next event

You’re concerned about budget? Frankly, the cost for a contract planner or two or more, is negligible in comparison to the sick days that you will need due to stress.

For more information about these tips, contact info@pnventerprises.com with Outsourcing Tips in the subject line